Three bids, what’s that about?

The program administrator will put together a repair description for the resident to acquire multiple quotes from plumbers / drainlayers. The resident can choose which plumbers / drainlayers they would like to bid on the repair and can choose which plumber / drainlayer they want to complete the repair. The program only reimburses 90% of the lowest bid.

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1. When did this program begin?
2. What is my sewer lateral?
3. How much does coverage cost?
4. How do I know if my house is covered?
5. How do I enroll in the program?
6. My house is outside the city limits but I pay my sewer bill to the City of Saint Charles, am I covered?
7. Can I opt out of the program?
8. How much of the repair cost does the program cover?
9. Three bids, what’s that about?
10. My sewer is backing up and there is water on my basement floor, what do I do?
11. The plumber cabled my lateral and it’s working better, what now?