What purpose do these guidelines serve?
The purpose is:
  • To develop a unified spirit of cooperation (door to door and block to block) to present the best Historic District image to our neighbors and visitors. We want to develop a unified practice of cleaning and maintaining all the exterior spaces that are open to the view of others, and to present an attractive image.
  • To present a clean and uncluttered Historic District in keeping with the historic period that is a valuable attraction to visitors and shoppers. To present a memorable and positive image that will lure each visitor to return, and speak well of our “St. Charles Historic District.”
  • To protect the status and value of our unique district as an attraction. To protect the huge investment of our labor and money spent to save and restore the architectural assets that make the district attractive.
  • To cooperate in a helpful spirit among ourselves to continue to enhance the Historic district. To cooperate by joining the initiative to self-police the exteriors of our individual properties. To cooperate by learning and employing the “19th Century Test” for appropriateness.

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1. What purpose do these guidelines serve?
2. How is appropriateness judged?
3. Who will judge the appropriateness?
4. What is the 19th Century Test?
5. What about advertising devices and sidewalk merchandising?
6. Where do I go for information if I am in doubt about what I’m doing or thinking of doing in regard to outside display?