Why does a fire truck respond with an ambulance for a medical call?
Fire trucks respond for a number of reasons:
  • The St. Charles Fire Department staffs each fire apparatus with at least 1 paramedic and advanced life support equipment. Many times these fire apparatus are the closest units to the call.
  • The dispatch center in St. Charles County uses an Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol to assign calls. Depending on the severity assigned, a fire truck is sent because the medically trained crew can provide needed assistance to the 2 paramedics on the ambulance. No one truly knows how severe the call really is until they arrive on the scene. For your safety, we work from a premise that it’s better to be safe and send apparatus than sorry that we don’t have the man power on scene to take care of you.
  • Man power is another reason fire trucks respond. Many patients are in locations or are of such a size that 2 people cannot get the patient to the ambulance. The stretcher alone weighs 90 pounds. This is a concern for the safety of fire/rescue crews as well as the patient.
  • Having fire trucks respond to minor calls for help that do not require transport to a hospital allow ambulances to remain available for more severe calls that require transport.

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