Reopening the City

Returning to Work

Use the resources below provided by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Saint Charles County for helpful procedures on how to re-open your business to the public. 

Business Occupancy Limits under Governor Parson’s

"Show Me Strong" Recovery Plan - Phase 1

Governor Mike Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan Phase 1 provides that workplaces that are engaged in retail sales to the public must limit the number of customers in each retail location according to the following standards:

  • For locations with less than 10,000 square feet, the business must maintain 25% or less of the authorized occupancy.
  • For locations with 10,000 square feet and more, the business must maintain 10% or less of the required occupancy.

The Governor’s plan further provides that the authorized occupancy of a business is determined by one of two means: the local building and fire codes or a formula included in the state plan whichever is greater.  The City will gladly help a business figure its authorized occupancy and its temporary allowed occupancy using both the city building and fire codes and the state formula.  The business can then utilize the larger of the two occupancy limits.  For assistance in figuring the temporary occupancy limit for any retail business, call the Department of Community Development at 314-568-8307.  You will need only the square footage of the business.        

City Hall Re-Opening June 1st 

  • For the first week, no visitors will be allowed past the first floor. If they need to meet with someone from a Department, that department will be called and a representative can come to the first floor and assist them. If needed, the department employee may escort that person(s) to the needed floor. 
  • The main doors will be labeled for one side to be enter only, and the other side to be exit only. 
  • Markings will be put on the floor to keep social distancing as people line up to conduct business at the windows. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: City Council, board, and commission meetings will continue to be conducted virtually during the month of June and will start to transition to in-person/on-site meetings beginning in July.