New Business Ambassador Program

The City of St. Charles established the New Business Ambassador (NBA) program in order to streamline the regulatory process for opening a new business in the City. As part of this process the Business Development Coordinator, part of the Department of Community Development,  provides one-on-one assistance to business owners through all approval processes necessary to open their doors for business.

NBA Logo

The New Business Ambassador program is designed to assist interested parties at any stage of opening a business, as well as provide assistance to existing businesses within the City. In addition to providing the appropriate paperwork,  the Business Development Coordinator can provide information to assist in determining a part of the City for business owners to start searching for properties, provide more detailed information on potential locations already identified by a business owner, and assist through the steps once a location has been selected for a business to begin operation.

If you are interested in opening a new business in the City of St. Charles, or have an existing business and require assistance, please contact The Department of Community Development to be paired with the Business Development Coordinator!