Rental Inspection

A rental inspection is required upon any change in occupancy prior to occupancy of any rental unit. The inspection shall determine compliance with the basic health and safety requirements of Section 500.110, maximum occupancy of unrelated persons and the Property Maintenance Code. The fee for the certificate shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) for each dwelling unit inspected, there shall be no re- inspection fee. It shall be unlawful after the adoption of this Article for any person to occupy or for any owner or agent thereof to rent or lease any dwelling unit, or any part thereof, for any purpose until the owner or agent has applied for a health and safety occupancy certificate and a certificate has been issued by the Department of Community Development. A certificate shall be valid until such time as an inspection is required pursuant to Sections 500.330(A) or 500.340

For additional information, please read our Rental Unit Inspection Program brochure.