Occupancy Inspections


Purchase/Sale:   No inspections or permits are required from the City of St. Charles for purchase or sale of a residential property.

Rental Properties:  Long Term Rentals (30+ Days) - Rental Occupancy inspections are required from the Community Development Department on each change of tenant. Please click here to see fee schedule. To schedule an inspection, contact Community Development at 636-949-3222. For more information, see the following brochure: https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/DocumentCenter/View/37/Rental-Unit-Inspection-PDF

Short Term Rentals – Please visit https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/1079/Short-Term-Rentals for more information


Please note, the Fire and Occupancy Inspections will be conducted concurrently by the Fire Marshal. Fire and Occupancy Inspection fees are $50 each, for a total of $100. Please click here for an inspection checklist. Click here to see fee schedule.

Please contact our New Business Ambassador with questions, or to schedule your Occupancy Inspection: 636-949-3226 

For more information in regards to opening a new business or altering and existing business, check out the New Business Ambassador Program at https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/949/New-Business-Ambassador-Program   Areas of assistance with the program include the following:

• Occupancy Permits

• Building Permits

• Sign Permits

• Business Licenses

• Scheduling Inspections

There is also a useful guide that you can find here to help you get started: https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8244/Guide-to-Open-your-Business-2019