The Engineering Department issues the following types of permits:

  • Sidewalk/Driveway:  
  • Right-of-Way Usage:  Obstructions (dumpster, POD, crane, etc) affecting land in which the City has an easement, has been dedicated by use or is required for use such as a sidewalk, street or alleyway
  • Grading: 
  • Excavation:
  • Sanitary Sewer Connection/Extension:
  • Water Main Connection/Extension:
  • Storm Sewer:

For all other permits (ex: building, HVAC, water heater, fence, mechanical/electrical, etc) & contractor licensing, please contact the Department of Community Development - Building Division   Ph: 636-949-3222

How do I apply?

  • Online
  • You may also visit our office located at: 200 N 2nd Street, Suite 202

All payments may be made via credit card, cash or check.

Is a permit required to extend/replace a driveway?

  • Yes, any work affecting public infrastructure (sidewalks, streets) and utilities requires a permit. Flatwork on private property, including driveway replacement outside of right-of-way, does not require a permit.

What are the fees for a sidewalk/driveway permit?

  • Residential = $10, Commercial = $15 

What documents are required to apply for a permit?

  • Sidewalk/Driveway permits typically do not require plans.
  • Right-of-Way Usage and Excavation permits typically only require a sketch of the work area as well as a traffic control plan if impacting the road.
  • All other permits require the submittal of improvement plans that have been signed and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Missouri.
  • Contractors applying for work within the City should have an active permit license.

What is the application and approval process for online permits?

  1. Fill out and submit your permit,
  2. Your permit will be reviewed and approved for payment by City Staff,
  3. Pay all fees associated with the permit,
  4. City Staff will assign an inspector and issue your permit.

How long is the approval process?

  • Sidewalk/Driveway permits and Right-of-Way Usage can often be acquired within a day, with walkups issued the same day. Other permit review times vary, but are typically reviewed within 1-week.

How do I receive my permit?

  • Once your permit is reviewed and payment is received, you can view/print your permit online

Is a permit required to place a dumpster/POD/crane in the street?

  • Yes, a Right-of-Way Usage permit is required.
  • Type 2 lighted barricades and traffic control are required
    type 2 barricade
    If dumpster or POD is placed in the driveway, no permit is required

What are the fees for a permit?

What ward is the address of my permit in?

  • You may find the ward number here
    1.  "Agree" to terms
    2.  Type address in search bar at the top of the page,
    3.  Click on address as it auto-populates
    4.  The map will then take you to the location and the ward number will be on the screen.
      • If you do not see the ward number, click the green "layers" button near the bottom of the page & expand the arrow drop down next to ’Wards’. You will then see a color coded legend.