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Boschert & Crystal Springs Bank Stabilization

Impacted Wards - 3, 7 & 8

Design Consultant: Intuition & Logic

Project Description

A reach of of Bochert Creek between Kingshighway St. and Pine St. (approximately 1,400 feet) was identified as actively downcutting and widening. The bank erosion is encroaching on residential properties and has exposed a section of sanitary sewer crossings. Several bank sections have been reinforced with gabion baskets or block walls. Perched storm sewer outfalls were noted, with at least one headcutting towards residential properties. A new concrete box culvert was recently constructed at Lindenwood Avenue. The project is anticipated to consist of grade controls, bank stabilization measures, and invasive species management.

A reach of Boschert Creek from 10 Le Chateaux Ct to the railroad tracks near 4 Le Chateaux (approximately 600 feet) has experienced active bank scouring with multiple slope failures. The left bank is steep, high and within close proximity to residences, especially 8 Le Chateaux Ct sanitary sewers within the area are at risk of exposure. The project is anticipated to consist of grade control and bank stabilization measures. Consideration may also be given to channel realignment.

A reach of Crystal Springs between Rio Vista Drive and S River Road (approximately 1,500 feet) is experiencing active widening on the left descending bank. The right descending bank is primarily rock outcropping. The channel bottom has downcut to bedrock. The structure at 301-321 San Juan Dr. and parking lot at 1740 S 5th St. are threatened by bank erosion, as well as sanitary sewer and water infrastructure. A section of sanitary sewer in the left bank near 301-321 San Juan Dr. was previously exposed by bank erosion and an emergency repair was done to prevent further damage to the sewer. There is also a sanitary sewer crossing in the channel with concrete encasement and an exposed water main pipe in the right bank behind 3 San Camille Ct. A new 24’x11’ double concrete box culvert was recently construction at Rio Vista Dr. The project is expected to consist of streambank stabilization measures and utility protections and/or relocation.

The projects were identified in the City’s Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan and incorporated into the Long Range Stormwater Plan. Water main improvements within the project areas, as identified by the 2020 Water Master Plan, have also been added to the scope of this project. The design consultant, Intuition & Logic, will evaluate options for creek bank stabilization and the City will select those for final design and construction.

Project Location

Boschert Creek Bank Stabilization at 4-10 LeChateau Ct, Boschert Creek Bank Stabilization from Lindenwood Ave to Pine
Crystal Springs Creek Bank Stabilization from Rio Vista Dr. to S. River Rd.
Location Map 1
Location Map 2
Location Map 3

Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Project charter was approved March 2019. Field investigations and topographic survey began in June.
  • Public meetings were held February 19, 2020 for Boschert Creek from Kingshighway to Pine and on Feburary 20, 2020 for Crystal Springs from Rio Vista to St. River Rd. 
  • Preliminary plans were approved in March 2020. All easements have been acquired from Boschert Creek-Kingshighway to Pine. 
  • Construction expected to begin April of 2021.
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