Frequently Asked Questions

Saint Charles Area Transit System
The Saint Charles Area Transit system, otherwise known as SCAT, consists of 5 bus routes that provide transportation to various locations within the City of Saint Charles as well as to the Metrolink North Hanley Station.  All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. More Information

Water & Sewer Rates 
In May 2010 the City Council approved Ordinance 10-110 establishing effective date for Water and Sewer Rates. The established rates enabled the City to bond for a series of improvements to the sewer and water systems.

The 1st round of rate increases went into effect on July 1, 2010. The 2nd round of rate increases went into effect on January 1, 2011; subsequent rounds of rate increases followed annually on January 1, 2012; January 1, 2013; January 1, 2014; and January 1, 2015.  More Information

Residential Insurance Programs 
Residential Sewer Lateral Program - The Lateral Sewer Insurance Program began on January 1, 2003. Saint Charles homeowners have the benefit of an "insurance policy" on lateral sewers to their homes. More Information

Residential Waterline Insurance Program - The Water Line Insurance Program began on January 1, 2014. Saint Charles homeowners have the benefit of an "insurance policy" on water service lines to their homes. More Information

City Construction Projects 
Construction projects in the City of Saint Charles are managed through two separate Departments: Department of Engineering and Department of Public Works.

Engineering projects include new construction, and the rehabilitation of existing facilities. Public Works projects include maintenance of infrastructure found in the City's right-of-way. Project links for each Department are located on the Construction webpage.

Utility Division and Water Bills
The Utilities Division is comprised of Water/Sewer Crews, Wastewater Contractor, and Stormwater Management. The Utilities Division operates and maintains the city's treatment plants, pump stations, water tanks, storm and sanitary sewer lines, fire hydrants, water mains and water meters. For questions regarding a water bill, please call 636-949-3212. More Information

Sidewalk Program
50/50 Sidewalk Cost Share Program – The City may contribute fifty percent (50%) of the cost to repair a defective sidewalk when a property owner requests the repair or requests the acceleration of a scheduled sidewalk repair.  More Information

Tree Removal 
The City hereby establishes a Cost-Sharing Tree Removal and Tree-Trimming Program with the following guidelines: The City will pay fifty percent (50%) of the costs of trimming or removing dangerous, dead or damaged trees located within City right-of-way. The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the costs must be paid by the landowners.  More Information

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that moves across an impermeable surface. The City of Saint Charles’ stormwater system includes ditches, detention basins, just over 175 miles of stormwater pipes with over 5,200 curb inlets, 2,108 storm manholes, 1,210 storm outlets, 54 culverts, 11 bridges, and multiple codes meant to control the impact of development on stormwater runoff. This system is maintained by the Public Works Department and designed to help control urban flooding events by directing stormwater runoff into detention basins, local creeks and streams. More Information

Hydrant Permits
Hydrant permit applications can be obtained at the Department of Public Works.  Hydrant permits cost $50.00 per day.  Those requesting hydrant permits will need 1.) A copy of backflow testing. 2.) Location of requested placement. 3.) Total number of days permit is needed.  More Information

Pavement Preservation 
By engaging in preventive pavement preservation, the City of St. Charles is seeking to maintain the highest performance standards while reducing the overall long-term costs of managing its street infrastructure program. More Information

Snow & Ice Removal 
Throughout winter weather events, Public Works attempts to keep all City streets sufficiently passable.  The order with which roads are cleared during winter weather operations is based on how the road is defined.  A recorded message regarding current snow and ice conditions can be found by dialing the Snow Hotline at 636-255-6153.   More Information

Backflow Prevention
The City of Saint Charles strives to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water. This effort begins with protecting supply sources and continues through the entire distribution process until the water reaches your service line. The prevention of backflow into the public water supply is an integral part of ensuring safe drinking water and required by the State of Missouri. More Information