The Facilities Division is responsible for building maintenance, equipment maintenance, landscaping duties, snow removal and security systems. This department maintains the following City facilities on a daily basis:

  • City Hall
  • City Hall parking garage
  • Saint Charles (O'Dell) Senior Center
  • City-owned parking lots
    • Boathouse lot, pavilion, and Veteran's Memorial
    • Boone's Lick Road walkways
    • Main Street common grounds
    • Riverside Drive parking lots
  • Public restrooms
    • Second and Water Streets
    • Washington Street

The Facilities Division also supports other City-owned properties as needed including:

  • The Foundry Art Centre
  • 5 fire stations
  • The City of Saint Charles Justice Center
  • The Historical Society building
  • Convention & Visitors Bureau

Information Office

The Information Office, which is managed by the Facilities Division, has a daily schedule of:

  • Operating the City switchboard
  • Sorting and delivering City mail for all departments
  • Providing information to the public
  • Assisting with staff work requests
  • Performing clerical work for Facilities Maintenance
  • Scheduling City Hall conference rooms
  • Maintaining files

Festivals & Events

The Facilities Division also assists with the set-up and clean-up of many city festivals and events and staffs the cooling centers during emergency situations.