Will it Flush

Marketed as flushable, the damp little wipes that may just be sitting on the back of your toilet, are causing headaches among your wastewater staff. Although convenient, most of the wipe are not biodegradable. As a result, these wipes are costing our nation's water and sewer systems millions of dollars, and the problem is in every system. 

Because these are not biodegradable, like toilet paper, wipes are clogging screens and pumps in your wastewater system. Wastewater staff have even seen issues in privately owned residential and business  lines. The wipes will catch on tree roots, pile on each other, block the pipe and then cause backups in homes and businesses. 

Your Department of Public Works supports the international water industry position statement. This statement in part reads, that only the 3Ps should be flushed – Pee, Poo and toilet Paper.

Please reconsider your use of flushable wipes, the wastewater treatment staff thanks you.

International Water Industry Position Statement on "Flushable" Wipes (PDF)