Investigative Services Bureau

The Investigative Services Bureau is commanded by a Captain, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. Investigative Services has two primary responsibilities. One is to coordinate and manage the Department’s assets in a manner that will assist and support the Operations Services in accomplishing the Department’s Mission. Second, Investigative Services provides support to Patrol Operations by managing and coordinating the Investigative Services Bureau, Evidence Services and the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The Investigations Division is under the command of two (2) Investigative Sergeants who report to the Investigative Services Lieutenant. The Investigative Sergeants have direct supervision over Investigators, Task Force Officers, and the Crime Analyst. The Investigations Division is responsible for conducting follow up investigations of offenses reported to the Department.

​The Office of Professional Responsibility performs several critical functions of the Department including administrative investigations as well as performs as the Departments human resources liaison.

Evidence Services is managed by the Evidence Custodian who reports to the Investigative Lieutenant. The Evidence Custodian is responsible for logging, maintaining, and disposal all of the evidence collected and stored at the Department.