Comprehensive Curb and Gutter Evaluation

The City of Saint Charles required a comprehensive tool to determine the difficulty of curb construction throughout streets that do not have curb. To do this, a set of criteria was developed to examine each segment of roadway throughout the City without curbs and develop a score and ranking system for each segment. Criterion with similar characteristics were grouped into major grading categories, as follows:

  • Parking
  • Constructability
  • Planning
  • Drainage
  • Engineering
  • Cost

To emphasize the importance of a criteria group, a weighting factor was developed to apply to each group's scoring. The summation of the group scores yields the overall rank or ease adding curb to a section of no-curb road. To quantify the scores, a database was created to record each street segment score as well as the applied weighting factor. The database was then liked to the City's GIS system for easy review of the constructability of the curb and gutter on streets throughout the City.

Read the full plan: Comprehensive Curb and Gutter Evaluation (PDF)

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