Proposition P Projects

Projects Proceeding, Thanks to Voter Approval

Since the passage of Proposition P on August 2, 2016, the Department of Engineering and the Stormwater Task Force have been busy prioritizing projects across the City. Following is a list of stormwater projects to be completed with Prop P Funding:

 * These projects are listed in no particular order

  1. Rio Vista & Fifth Street Culverts
  2. Cole Creek Flood Reduction - Elm to Droste
  3. Boschert Creek at Indian Hills / Cole Creek at Foxglove
  4. Elm & Sibley Culverts
  5. Barthel / North Main Drainage Improvements
  6. Boschert Creek & Crystal Springs Creek Bank Stabilization 
  7. Boschert Creek Levee Study
  8. Missouri Flood Gates One
  9. North Second Street & Lawrence Storm Drainage (Combined with Randolph Storm Drainage)
  10. Clark Street Storm Drainage
  11. Cole Creek at Zumbehl Bank Stabilization
  12. Concordia Culvert Replacement
  13. Nathan Street to Rosebrea Storm Drainage
  14. West Branch of Sandfort Creek at Harry S. Truman
  15. Seventh Street to Boone's Lick Storm Drainage
  16. North Benton Avenue to North Main Storm Drainage (Combined with Transit Street [Fifth to Main] Storm Drainage, Missouri Flood Gates Two & Three)
  17. Thrush Drive Storm Drainage (Mayer / Treadway Storm Drainage)
  18. Perry Street to Riverside Drive Storm Drainage
  19. Bridal Spur Culvert Replacement