Proposition 7

On April 4, 2023, City of Saint Charles voters will be asked to consider Proposition 7, which would enact a use tax in the City of Saint Charles.  A use tax (Prop 7) will restore the tax collecting ability to out of state vendors, and levels the playing field for our local businesses that already collect sales tax.

Prop 7 Web Graphic

Our Economy Is Changing and We Need To Protect Our Local Community 

Businesses have found a way around paying their fair share by ordering products from out of state and avoiding local sales taxes. When businesses are able to avoid St. Charles sales taxes by buying out-of-state, local businesses — which are required to collect these local sales taxes — are at a competitive disadvantage. The use tax levels the playing field of our local businesses. By purchasing materials from out-of-state or online, businesses avoid contributing to the funding of essential public services, such as public safety and public works, that will be relied upon once their projects are finished. This results in less money for the city to invest in local and neighborhood initiatives. As the economy changes, sales tax revenue in many Missouri cities is decreasing. However, many cities are able to compensate for this loss by generating revenue from a use tax. This helps to provide funding for essential city services without increasing your sales or property taxes.

Prop 7 would allow the City of Saint Charles to collect a use tax.

2023-St. Charles-Use Tax Resolution