Long Range Stormwater Plan

The Long Range Stormwater Plan assists the Department of Engineering and the Department of Public Works in planning for capital expenditures. The Plan also allows coordination of various types of projects to minimize costs and maximize the value of the City's construction funding.

The projects incorporated in the Long Range Stormwater Plan are identified by the investigation of resident concerns, regular video inspection of the storm and sewer system, and through the risk-based GIS model and tools. These tools provide a complete, integrated model of the enclosed storm sewer system and open channel drainage of the City of Saint Charles.

The Plan includes projects in the following categories:

  • Creek Bank Stabilization Projects
  • Flood Damage Mitigation
  • Infrastructure Replacement and Repair
  • Stormwater Improvements
  • Water Quality Enhancements

Long Range Stormwater Plan (PDF)

Please call the Public Works Office, 636-949-3237, for any questions.