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  • Street Committee

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  • Digital Media Commission  
  • Planning and Zoning Commission

Experience :

  • Ward 3 Council Member since 2017
  • Council President
  • Council Vice President
  • Chair, Street Committee
  • Vice Chair, Street Committee
  • Chair, Technology Committee
  • Council Liaison, Planning & Zoning
  • Grant Review Committee

Project Updates

Fairgrounds & Friedens Update:

 I believe the Staff Report and public comments were well received by the County Road Board last week.  Staff referred to 401 signatures of support for a project as unprecedented, so thanks very much to everyone that volunteered to collect signatures and to all of those that signed.  A special thanks to Guy Medaris for composing the letter of support that we all signed; and to Bryan Casteel and Jon Schneider who, in addition to collecting signatures, also spoke on our behalf during Public Comment.   Additionally, Mayor Dan Borgmeyer submitted a letter of support to the Board; and State Representative Adam Schwadron attended the Meeting and submitted a letter of support.

 Now, what does the future hold for this intersection?   Short term, we should expect a four-way stop within the next few months. This intersection will include “4-Way Stop Ahead” signs as both east- and west-bound drivers on Friedens approach Fairgrounds. Additionally, east- and west-bound drivers will see Stop Signs edged with flashing LEDs on the right shoulder. On the left shoulder, east-and west-bound drivers will see an additional, non-flashing stop sign as another reminder that a stop is required. 


 As Pedestrians will have the right of way at this four-way stop, the proposed signalized crosswalk at the east end of the Fire House property has been removed from those plans. Staff will research what pavement markings will work best here to help facilitate pedestrian crossing.

 This solution was proposed by staff at the Street Committee meeting last week and still requires approval from the full Council, although I do not expect there to be any resistance to the proposal. 

 The last item for the short term has to do with the Fire House. It is not yet decided what signage will be used to signify the presence of a Fire House to those approaching the intersection. This could include a standard road sign, or it could incorporate red or yellow lights as an added warning.

 Long term, should the Road Board approve funding, the proposal includes a four-way traffic signal, signalized pedestrian crossing, and left-turn lanes for east-and west-bound drivers to further reduce accidents. The absolute soonest this could happen is within 12 months of approval, which should be decided in August. To properly set expectations, I’d say that 24-36 months is the more likely timeframe to have a signal installed here. ffsignalization

 Thanks again to all that participated in the process to demonstrate the community support for this funding.

New Fire Station #2

Fire Station #2 will be moving from South Main to the corner of Fairgrounds and Friedens. This new location will provide improved response times for both Fire Calls and EMS Calls to large part of Ward 3, and these are instances where minutes really do matter. Additionally, we will have a crosswalk installed on the eastern edge of the property that will provide safe passage across Friedens for those that might want to get to the KATY Trail. Construction is expected to be complete in the Spring of 2024. This new Fire Station is a direct result of voters’ approval of Proposition R in 2021.

South Fifth Street Reconstruction

South Fifth Street is slated for a full overhaul from San Juan Drive to Fairgrounds Road. Highlights include raising the section between Willow Oak and Rio Vista out of the 100-year flood plain and an improved intersection at South Fifth and Fairgrounds to provide increased visibility and safety. We will also see improved pedestrian & bicyclist safety between San Juan & Rio Vista; as well as improved parking in this area.   This project has been awarded over $2 million in outside funding, and construction is expected to begin in late 2023. 

I-70 Cave Springs to Fairgrounds

This is a MoDOT project that aims to improve connectivity, safety, and efficiency. The interchanges in this area experience an average of two crashes per day; and as we look towards the future and the population of the metro area moving west, we will have more and more drivers passing through our city each day.  If the interstate is not properly prepared for this volume of traffic, it will be difficult for us to get across town during rush hours.

Crystal Springs Creek Bank Stabilization

This project began last year but has been held up by several different issues.  The most recent has come from the relocation of overhead utility lines. Once these lines are moved, work will resume, and all work is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2023.

Out My Window (Police Activity Map)

The City of Saint Charles Police Department recently launched a series of online mapping tools for residents. The Police Activity and 911 Calls application creates a "near real-time" look at what the City of St. Charles Police Department is doing in your community. The application will allow users to find out what is happening around them as it is occurring and will enhance their situational awareness.

The Police Activity and 911 Calls application will also enable users to directly submit anonymous tips without navigating through other portions of the City of St. Charles portal.   View the map here.

Report A Concern

Have something that you want to bring to the City staff’s attention? Use the Report a Concern app and someone will be in touch!

Mission Statement

The City of St. Charles, Missouri will continue to provide proactive leadership that excels in meeting the needs of the community and promotes a superior quality of life.

Vision Statement
With its rich heritage and historic setting on the great Missouri River, St. Charles will always strive to be a city of faith and values, a welcoming community where people of all ages and backgrounds choose to live, work, and play.

These Mission and Vision Statements were developed by our citizen and community driven strategic plan team.