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Trash Guidelines

By law, only non-hazardous household solid waste can be collected. Liquid waste products cannot be collected in a liquid state. Non-hazardous liquids can be mixed with an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, and must be completely dry with the lid off the container to show the driver that it is dried out.


  1. City Ordinance requires the use of trash carts.
  2. Republic Services offers 48-, 65-, and 95-gallon trash carts for your use.
  3. All boxes need to be broken down and placed inside recycle cart.
  4. Rubbish should be bagged and the bag(s) should be placed in trash cans or trash carts. Republic Services will not be responsible for any garbage spread about when animals or birds rip any such bag(s) open or loose trash on the ground.
  5. Bulky items include any type of solid waste that cannot be placed into the trash can but does not include major appliances, electronic items, automobile parts or components, construction debris, or any other such items. Please call Customer Service to schedule Bulk Items for pick up.
  6. Major appliances and electronic items are to be scheduled for collection through our local Republic Services customer service representative at 636-255-6142 (Monday through Friday) or 636-947-5959 (Saturday). There is an additional charge of $25 per appliance and $86.25 per electronics for this service.
  7. Items over 4 feet in length must be broken down or cut to 4 feet or less and bundled.
  8. Loose materials must be containerized or bundled.
  9. Tires and batteries will not be collected at all.
  10. Trash in cardboard boxes cannot be collected.
  11. Trash mixed with yard waste cannot be collected.
  12. Trash must be placed within 4 feet of the curb.

Construction Material

Construction material or the materials that result from home remodeling projects will not be picked up with your weekly solid waste collection. A non-inclusive list is below.   Roll off containers are available to lease for disposal of construction material.   Please contact our Republic Services Customer Service Department to assist in leasing containers for disposal of construction materials.

  1. Bathroom fixtures (toilets, tubs, commodes)
  2. Cabinet
  3. Carpeting and other flooring materials
  4. Drywall or sheet rock
  5. Kitchen fixtures (cabinets, islands, etc.)
  6. Large light fixtures (if the fixture does not fit in a 32 gallon can with the lid secured normally, we are unable to pick up)
  7. Plumbing (pipes, sinks, etc.)
  8. Roofing material (shingles, ceramic roof tiles, tar paper, gutters, fascia boards, etc.)
  9. Siding
  10. Wood (2 by 4s, plywood, paneling, peg board)
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