Trash Exemption Program

The City of St. Charles offers a Trash Exemption Program for those that fall within set income guidelines. The program allows the residential property to be exempt from the garbage and refuse removal service fee assessed by the city’s authorized trash contractor.

Exemption Qualifications

In accordance with Section 245.150, a household unit may be exempt from the obligation to pay for garbage and rubbish removal upon a showing of undue hardship. Total annual household income must be less than $29,075 for one person or $33,225 for two persons, and you must provide proof of any and all income.

How To Apply

To apply for the program, complete the Trash Exemption Application Form (PDF) and return it, along with proof of income, to the Administration office at 200 N. 2nd Street. If you have questions regarding this program, call the Administration Department at 636-949-3262.