Your St. Charles Fire Department provides many services that go far beyond traditional firefighting. We are dedicated to being ready 24 hours a day to provide professional-level emergency services. Our uniquely creative and flexible organizational structure allows us to stay nimble, highly trained and what we call #24ready.

Our organizational structure resembles a highly efficient business organization rather than a traditional fire department. That's because we are different. Your St. Charles Fire Department is run like a business, relying on performance management tools, aggressive strategic planning and industry leading technology. This means we're able to provide you with the very best service in a highly efficient, low-cost manner.

Behind every great organization is a great group of people, and we are fortunate to have an incredible team. Our dedicated men and women work and train tirelessly. They take their jobs seriously. All are certified firefighters and most are Advanced Life Support certified paramedics. Many members are cross-trained in administrative rolls, which help minimize overhead managerial costs.

We use a concept called CLIP: Creative Leaders Inspiring Performance. Our CLIP team meets regularly to analyze the performance of every line of business in the fire department. How fast are we processing your calls for service? Are we confining fires to the room of origin? How successful are we at treating stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest patients? These are just a few of the areas we assess. In addition, we pour over data to reduce workers compensation claims, sick leave and overtime use. We advocate for a healthy, safe and creative workplace.

Think. Create. Innovate. That's what our firefighters do to keep you safe and healthy. They have the autonomy to take action, make our department better and deliver beyond expectations…push boundaries…be different. You deserve an excellent return on your investment, and as civil servants who work for you, that's what we're dedicated to giving you.

We are proud to be your fire department.