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Adopt-A-Roadway Program

The objective of the Adopt-A-Roadway Program is to create public awareness of the environmental problems associated with littering while improving the appearance of our City.

Litter pickup, mowing, and beautification/landscaping work is very labor intensive and costly. The Street Department has many urgent needs for its road maintenance funds, making cleanup a secondary priority to patching, slab replacement, signing, marking, and other activities directly related to the safe and efficient movement of traffic. As a result, the accumulation of litter in many areas creates an unsightly roadside environment.

The Adopt-A-Roadway Program - similar to the one already in operation by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department - is an opportunity to muster public involvement in correcting the problem and to create a public awareness. Any group or individual may adopt a section of roadway and assume the responsibility for litter pickup, mowing, beautification, or any combination of these.


The responsibilities of the adopter of a roadway along with the Street Department are as follows:

  • Develop a brief work plan, outlining what will be done and the approximate frequency of volunteer work periods
  • Coordinate work activities with Street Department supervisors
  • Cooperate in developing beautification plans, if the adopter proposed to do such work. Permits, issued free of charge by the department, are required for any plantings or work involving movement of soil
  • Insure that all possible safety precautions are taken for protection of volunteer workers and users of the roadway
  • Enlist public and private support of the volunteer effort to achieve a cleaner, better-appearing roadway environment

The Street Department of the City of Saint Charles will:

  • Review safety concerns with workers at the beginning of each work cycle
  • Pickup and dispose of litter bags
  • Issue permits, free of charge, for beautification plantings and any excavations
  • Provide safety instructions to adopters, including general rules and special concerns for adopted site
  • Erect appropriate roadway signs, identifying adopting group or individuals caring for each site

The Adopter of the roadway responsibilities are as follows:

  • Review safety concerns with workers at the beginning of each work cycle
  • Perform work as outlined in the Adopter Work Plan
  • Notify the Adopt-A-Roadway coordinator 48 hours in advance on each on-site work period
  • Deposit filled litter bags at locations designated for them
  • Obtain permits in advance required for plantings or soil excavation

How to Get Started

Adopt-A-Roadway projects may be started at any time by contacting the coordinator at 636-949-3363. When the site is chosen for adoption and work plan approved, a memorandum of understanding will be signed and an adoption resolution will be issued to the adopting organization or individual. After safety instructions are given, the adopter's project can begin.

Adopt a Roadway
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