How to View the City TV Channel

The City of St. Charles operates a 24-hour local government television channel. It is available online via live streaming/ on demand video and it is broadcast to Charter and AT&T uVerse cable television subscribers in St. Charles City and eastern St. Charles County.

View on Website

Watch Live & On-Demand via our website.

View on Charter Television

If you have a Charter set-top converter box, tune to Channel 990. If you have questions or problems receiving the access channel, please contact Charter Communications. 

View on AT&T U-verse

Go to Channel 99 or select menu on your remote to access the Government Channel Tiers. Select City of St. Charles to view our channel.

View on Roku

Add the City Channel to your Roku account through a web browser:
You can also search for the channel on your Roku device. The full channel title is City of Saint Charles, MO