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Demolition Permit Information

Demolition Permits are now available online. Please apply: HERE

In order to obtain a Demolition Permit, proof of the following must be provided to the Department of Community Development:

  • Certificate of Appropriateness.  Except as otherwise provided in Section 400.1280(B) of the Zoning Ordinance, no permit for the demolition or removal of an historic landmark or any structure within an historic district shall be issued by the Department of Community Development until a certificate of demolition or removal has been issued by the Landmarks Board. The Department of Community Development can verify whether or not the property is an historic landmark or is located within a Historic District and provide you with a Landmarks application. The Landmarks Board meets the third Monday of each month.
  • Utilities.  Letters from Spire Gas Company (formerly Laclede), AmerenUE and the Department of Public Works stating that utility services (gas, electric, water and sewer) have been abandoned. If gas service has not been provided to the property, a letter stating such is required. The Public Works Department must verify that the sanitary sewer has been capped in an approved fashion and the water disconnected.
  • Septic Tank:  When demolishing a septic tank, the contractor must punch holes in the bottom and sides and then call Public Works for an inspection.  Once the inspector gives the ok, the hole must be filled with sand.
  • Insurance.  A Certificate of Insurance from a private insurance provider for at least $500,000 from licensed demolition contractor.
  • License.  A Demolition Contractor’s License, issued by the Collections Division of the Finance Dept. (first floor of City Hall).   Phone No. 636-949-3212.
  • Square Footage of Structures
  • Deposit.  $250 deposit paid in cash or check payable to the City of Saint Charles. Once work is completed, schedule a post-demolition inspection with Community Development and submit a written request for return of the $250 deposit. The deposit will be returned within 30 days if all requirements have been met.
  • Permit fee.  $100 demolition permit fee paid to the City of Saint Charles.
  • Application. Include square footage  where noted and structure type under description of work on application. MORE INFO
  • Public Works. Water Service Line & Sanitary Sewer Laterals - Please call Public Works at the Division below for information and to schedule an inspection. Failure to have the destruction of the water service or sanitary lateral inspection prior to backfilling will require the contractor to excavate again for inspection. See requirements below.  

Structures of 500 sq. ft. or less do not usually require a demolition permit but check with Community Development. It may still need a certification of appropriateness if in a historic district.

Demolition Permits expire three months from date of issuance. 

                                               Ameren-Construction Hotline #866-992-6619
                                                Spire-Abandonment Desk #314-499-5604                   
                                                Public Works-Water #636-949-3366
                                                Public Works Sewer #636-949-3235

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