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Protecting The Elm Point Wellfield

On September 29, 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice lodged a Consent Decree between the United States, the State of Missouri, and Ameren Missouri with the federal court in St. Louis. On October 4, 2022, the Consent Decree was made available for public comment for a period of 30 days. The Consent Decree provides the legal basis defining Ameren Missouri’s responsibilities for cleaning up its portion of contamination in the Elm Point Wellfield. The Consent Decree is largely based on information and data generated as part of the June 2021 Record of Decision issued by the USEPA prior to the identification of hazardous chemicals in the City drinking water wells CW-6 and CW-8 over the past year.

It is critical that Ameren Missouri and the other parties responsible for contamination in the Elm Point Wellfield are held responsible by the USEPA and Missouri DNR. 


In response to the overwhelming attendance at the USEPA’s November 17, 2022 public meeting and the many comments submitted by the citizens of St. Charles, the public comment period for the Consent Decree for the Ameren Huster Road Substation has been extended until March 6, 2023. The USEPA has also pledged to hold an additional public meeting to hear your concerns regarding the contamination in the Elm Point Wellfield. It is important that the citizen’s of St. Charles attend the next public meeting that is being hosted by the USEPA and to continue to express your concern regarding the contamination and need for immediate response from the USEPA and Missouri DNR at their public meeting and in comments regarding the Consent Decree. At a minimum, the USEPA and Missouri DNR should immediately require Ameren Missouri and the other responsible parties to: (1) upgrade the Elm Point drinking water treatment plant to remove hazardous chemicals and allow the City to operate all their drinking water wells without the risk of contaminated water being distributed to its citizens, and (2) relocate the City of St. Charles wellfield to an area free of contamination.

Comments regarding the Consent Decree must be submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice either by email to or by mail to Assistant Attorney General at U.S. DOJ-ENRD, P.O. Box 7611, Washington, DC 20044-7611.  A sample comment letter is available here

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