Accounts Payable Information

Beginning September 2022, the City will be streamlining its payments processes through a partnership with our ERP software provider, Tyler Technologies, and a third party vendor, Nvoicepay/Corpay. Letters will be sent to the City's vendors with instructions on how to complete enrollment with Nvoicepay/Corpay.

Q: Who is Nvoicepay & why are they contacting me?

A: We have elected AP Automation powered by Nvoicepay as our ePayments provider (please note, Nvoicepay is rebranding to Corpay, so these terms are used interchangeably). Going forward, we will be using them to pay our supplier invoices electronically. You will receive an enrollment letter from them on our behalf so you can enroll to receive electronic payments.

Q: What if we still want to receive check payments?

A: Moving to electronic payments will expedite your receipt of payment, while also eliminating the risk of a check being lost in the mail. If you still want to receive check payments, please notify Nvoicepay that this is your only option.

Q: What are the fees affiliated with their service?

A: Your typical card processing fees apply, but Nvoicepay does not charge our suppliers any additional fees for using their services.

Q: Should I send Nvoicepay my invoices going forward?

A: No. The billing end of your payment process will not change—please continue to bill your invoices as you were prior to the transition.

Q: Is this mandatory?

A: The service is not mandatory; however, electronic payments are our preferred method of payment going forward & we strongly encourage all suppliers to enroll.

Q: Who should I send my signup info to?

A: Please forward all enrollment forms to Nvoicepay. Enrolling electronically is the fastest way to get enrolled. Please use the Vendor Enablement URL, which will be included in the letter you receive from Nvoicepay. Alternatively, you can fax in your enrollment to 888.371.3080 or email it to

Q: Why should I choose this over a check?

A: Apart from receiving your payments faster, you’ll be provided your own payment portal. Here you can view your payment history, download payment data, print remittance copies, and change or update your administrative information.

Q: I’m already signed up—I have a payment/account/portal question:

A: Please forward all payment inquiries onto Nvoicepay—they have an entire department dedicated to payment support and supplier services.