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 As of June 21, 2022 the rules for liquor licenses have changed. Be advised, changes to multiple code sections pertaining to liquor can be found in Zoning chapter 400 and Liquor License Changes in chapter 600. General information regarding changes can be found below:

Zoning Updates - Chapter 400

  • All liquor related uses require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in addition to a liquor license.
  • Any new bars within the Historic Downtown District (HDD), and any establishment with liquor use in the Frenchtown District (FD) shall close by 11pm.
  • While the 50% food requirement is no longer in place, in order for an existing business to change its use, it will require a CUP and new liquor license.
  • Violations of conditions or City Code may result in CUP revocation.
  • For additional information please consult the ordinance or contact staff. 

Liquor License Changes – Chapter 600:

  • Re-Classification of the Points System:

0.5-5.9 Points = Minor Violation resulting in No Suspension

6-11.9 Points = Significant Violation resulting in suspension of the Liquor License for up to 14 days.

12 or more Points = Major Violation resulting in revocation on Liquor License

  • Points may be awarded by the Liquor Commission taking the following considerations:  Seriousness of the facts surrounding the particular violation. If the licensee incurred more than one violation on the same date. The frequency of violations and number of points assessed for the immediate prior 36 month period. 
  • For additional information please consult the ordinance or contact staff. 

Please contact the Business Development Coordinator, Jessica Ferguson, for information pertaining to new businesses and new liquor licenses: or call 636-949-3226


  • What is the process for obtaining a new Liquor License? Before a Liquor License can be issued, a Conditional Use Permit must obtained. A new Business License and Occupancy Permit may also be required. Please contact the Business Development Coordinator, Jessica Ferguson, at or call 636-949-3226 for specifics. 
  • What is the process for obtaining a Conditional Use Permit? Contact the Planning Division (Community Development Dept.) for specifics; however, generally this process requires 45 days and will hold a public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.  This is a onetime fee of $150.  Deadlines for submittal generally runs 30 days before the next scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.  Associated with the general submittal documents, staff may require additional items such as (but not limited to): Business Plan, floor plan, business hours, serving times (if restaurant with liquor), etc.
  • Associated with a Conditional Use Permit, could there be business specific conditions of operation? Yes.   Each permit will be reviewed and conditions could be specific to the owner/applicant, hours of operation beyond minimum code limitations, etc.
  • Will a new restaurant require a Conditional Use Permit?   No, unless that new business intends to serve liquor, then a Conditional Use Permit and Liquor License shall be required.
  • Can a business that has been operating as a restaurant become a Bar? Yes; however, it will require a Conditional Use Permit.
  • Will staff be reviewing businesses which change their operations, specifically ceasing kitchen activities and only serving liquor? Yes.  Staff (Community Development, Fire, Finance and the Police) will continually monitor all business which are issued Conditional Uses and/or Liquor Licenses.   Businesses which are found to have made changes in use which are non-compliant with the new law will be subject to enforcement and/or revocation of existing/future permits. 
  • Are there any limitations on the number of Bar Licenses on North Main? No; however, the City may limit the ultimate number or any specific request via the Conditional Use Permit process.
  • Are Nightclubs allowed on North Main Street?  Yes, with a Conditional Use Permit.  Be advised, this land use is now classified under “BAR” definitions and is NOT separately defined.
  • Do I need to close my business any earlier than currently?  Existing business which do not make any changes in land use, no changes are necessary to operation.
  • What are the penalties for violating any City Code pertaining to Liquor? Revocation of existing permits (Conditional Use, Liquor License, Business License, etc.). Additional fees/penalties may be assessed by the Municipal Court if a summons is issued by the City. 
  • Can Bar owners be appointed to the Liquor Commission? No.  All; Commission members must be citizens and unbiased.
  • How often will the Liquor Commission meet? The Commission will me as necessary.


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