Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

More than 20 years ago, the Federal Government identified Broadband internet as a critical indicator of economic opportunity. With the advent of “Smart Home Technology” and more industries allowing remote work, broadband internet has become essential. However, millions of Americans still live in subdivisions and neighborhoods without access to high-speed internet. New Federal subsidies have recently spurred increased growth from companies and encouraged companies such as AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Everstream, Gateway Fiber, i3 Broadband, and others to expand their services exponentially. 

In recent weeks you may have noticed fiber optic cable installation in your subdivision or on your property. While many of these facilities are built along the street frontage, some use private utility easements in side or back yards. These easements are usually granted when your subdivision was first created to allow for limited use by utility companies to improve lines of communication, quality of life, and life safety.

According to State and Federal communications laws, when these facilities are installed on these private easements, the installations are NOT governed by the City of Saint Charles. 

The following should be standard for each fiber optic company: 

  • Prior notification of the project should be given; either by door hanger, postcard, mailer, etc.
  • Repair/replace all disturbed land/property back to its original state 
  • Respectful treatment of residents and their property 

If you have any problems, you should call the company that is working on your property. The contact information is as follows:


AT&T Construction Helpdesk 
Phone: 314-544-7688 
Email: G43578@ATT.COM

Charter Spectrum 

Customer Service 
Online Chat: 


William Beck 
Phone: 314-413-2914 

Gateway Fiber 

Customer Service 
Online Contact Form: 

i3 Broadband 

Customer Service
Phone: 877-976-0711