Mayor's Youth Advisory Task Force

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Task Force is made up of students form each high school and college in the Saint Charles area.  The Task Force is focused on sharing their ideas on how to better engage the youth of Saint Charles County in the future of our area.  The current members have been meeting with the various City departments to learn more about the challenges the City is facing. From those meetings, and their own ideas, the task force has developed three goals that they are working towards in 2022, including a Mural Competition, Youth Service Day and a communications plan to better speak to area youth about what's happening in the area.  

Members Of The Task Force

Téa Perez, Chair, Francis Howell Central
Brianna Ammons, Vice Chair, Francis Howell North
Ella Sulwer, Recording Secretary, St. Charles High
Matt Fichtenmayer, Duchesne High School
Justin Abegg, Duchesne High School
Manisha Muthukaruppan, Francis Howell North
Kylie Williams, Orchard Farm
Maegan Hayes, St. Charles High
Sophia Prost, St. Charles West
Lea Mitchell, St. Charles West
Madison Pegg, CAPS/St. Charles Community College
Susan Sams, local business owner and facilitator
Nicholas Galla, Director of Public Works and staff liaison
Christopher Kyle, City Council liaison

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Upcoming Events 

Clean Stream Flyer (5)