Oak Grove Cemetery

The mission of Oak Grove Cemetery is to maintain the dignity and respect due decedents in a peaceful and serene environment for its lot owners and their families. Oak Grove Cemetery operation is assisted by the St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department. Dating back to the mid 1800s, this cemetery covers 28 acres and consists of nearly 12,000 burials.

Presently there are 600 Veterans located on the grounds, some dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Purchase of Grave Space
  • Regular: $550
  • Cremations: $320
  • Monday - Friday before 3 p.m.
    • Single Depth: $735
    • Double Depth: $920
  • Cremation Burials:
    • With Ceremony: $305
    • Without Ceremony: $150
Rates change for weekend and holiday hours. Please contact the Cemetery Office or the Parks and Recreation Department for more information on these rates.